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one day,
this rusted body,
cramped and old
could be of use again,
like the old times,
when it followed the orders
of a not so wasted brain
which directions were clear,
like the oxygen that fueled its system

When the headquarters were clean,
and clouds of the same kind,
of that of morphine,
would sometimes develop,
blocking the operations,
and infecting,
the database of the system
with the virus,
of dreams and desires,
the effects of a sweet drug,
(an unnecessary extension)

the database couldn’t decode
the hidden message;
the side-effects,
links to a bitter aftermath,
when the virus corrupted
way too much,
way too deep,
leaving behind,
a corrupted system,
side effects
to an incompatible
operative system

directions stopped to be sent,
when the system,
broken and unfixable
stopped responding
to the pulsations,
of the incompatible extension,
electric waves
that failed to re-active
and restore
the dazed core,
where the cloud
had settled permanently,
replacing the clarity
with an angst-y infection

When the orders,
no longer tried to restore
the unrestorable.

Because the infection
replaced commands
with absurd desires,
with random orders
that instructed to acquire
the system wasn’t programmed  
to need
or wish for

the system fell
long ago,
before the virus could fully reach the core
because it was a mistake,
a failure in the system,
from the very beginning.
the system fell,
before the rigid orders
where no longer

this model,
now old and broken,
impossible to repair,
can be useful again
when it’s dumped
into the recycle area
where scrap metal
becomes useful again,
for these ancient,
oxygen machines.
Oxygen Machines
(the excesive use of the word "perhaps" is part of the charm)

I wish I didn't have to explain but I will because I really want you to understand.

It's about how you begin to have dreams, you know, ideals, things you really desire, things, you really want to achieve. Dreams.
But most of the times, you fail, and the deception is too big, for you to handle it, and end up sinking in genuine depression, and you wish you were dead, because really, life becomes too bitter for you to continue living.
What if the ocean fell in love with the moon?

It started long ago, when the moon looked up and saw the moon praying in the dark sky. The moon prayed for her ill twin, the sun, who was very sick, and cried tears of light that illuminated the sky and fell into the ocean. Her grief was so big, the ocean could understand her affliction, for her tears were so honest and pure not even the saltiness of the sea could ignore. Soon, the two fell in deep love, and the tears turned into sweet ballads of tenderness and innocence. Every night the moon would rise and the feeling of coziness soon replaced the sadness of their spirits. Unfortunately, every night the moon had to die in order to give strength to the sun, so she would leave, but not before promising that she would return with more life than before. And every time the moon was reborn, the ocean would grow greater and stronger, full of life and vitality, for she would come back widder and brighter, flooding the canvas with her light, a celestial paint.

One night, when dawn was about to rise, the blonde twin appeared and swallowed the moon. Night never returned, and the moon, the beautiful maiden in the dark, disappeared forever.

Ever since, the painting on the canvas never looked the same.


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I don't leave my morals at the door anymore.

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